1893 Rud Ibach Sohn Grand Piano

             Superior German quality

                  Rosewood, Boudoir


           Weber Baby Grand Piano

               As new Demo model

 1966 Marshall And Rose Upright Piano
      Stunning quality, Solid mahogany

                Hopkinson Upright

   Quality English make with immaculate

                        ivory keys


               Yamaha Grand Piano



           Hausmann Upright Piano

     Modern with mahogany casework


             Kessells Circa 1920's

         English Upright Grand Piano


Title. Double c





 Amyl Upright


            Graham And Company


     1892 C.Bechstein Upright Piano

       Absolutely Beautiful Condition


 Yamaha Upright

     Yamaha Grand Piano




 Yamaha Upright

               Weber Baby Grand

    As New Demo Model


Piano Players : Ruby Spilsbury and Joe Leake

Photograghy : Ivan Nagib and Harley Spilsbury

Video : Ivan Nagib

Audio Recording : Harley Spilsbury

Audio and Video Editing : Stoneshadow Music   stoneshadow01@gmail.com

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